To help New Zealand clubs perform at their peak, New Zealand Football has created the Quality Club Mark. This is a national partnership with our seven federations as well as 17 Regional Sports Trusts. It aims to promote continuous improvement in the way football is delivered and support clubs as they adopt standards of best practice.

Quality Club Mark assesses a number of factors on and off the field, to provide a clear view of the standards achieved.

Following the introduction of the Whole of Football Plan, clubs now have the opportunity to deliver a high-quality of football programmes to players and volunteers. The Quality Club Mark looks at the implementation of these programmes as well as other facilities and services.

This transparent, systematic approach will ensure that the football community can identify those clubs that are well run and promote a positive environment, where someone can safely enjoy the activities and facilities offered.


There are a number of resources available to help increase the capability of your club. Click here for a full resource and template pack under the Quality Club Mark programme.

The following clubs have achieved NZ Football QCM Level 1:

Dunedin Technical AFC

Winton FC


1. Stronger clubs
The best clubs attract and keep more volunteers, they also find it easier to attract sponsors and attract funding. The Quality Club Mark programme can help ensure a cycle of success by fiding a reliable benchmark to measure all-round performance.

2. A point of difference over other sporting codes
Our unique programme will provide a badge of assurance that sets your club apart from other sporting codes competiting for members and support in your area.

3. Recognising excellence
By taking part in the programme, your club will be eligible for Quality Club Mark awards. These provide a new and exciting opportunity to attract publicity and engage sponsors.

4. Ongoing improvement
The star rating system provides an objective snapshot of your club’s achievements and a clear pathway to the next level.

5. Support from your federation and New Zealand Football
The Quality Club Mark is a partnership between clubs, federations, and the national governing body. Your club will receive support and guidance from New Zealand Football and your federation to achieve the best standards possible.

6. Greater levels of financial sustainability
By providing a comprehensive view of the club’s capability and systems, the Quality Club Mark programme will help increase levels of financial sustainability by attracting an increased number of members to your club.

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