Futsal Coaching Pathway

Football South are passionate about developing high quality Futsal coaches all around the region. The New Zealand Football Futsal Coaching Pathway is designed for coaches who are involved in Futsal, from Junior ages right through to Senior competitions.  

Introduction to Futsal Coaching (2 Hours)

The ITFC aims to help coaches understand where Futsal comes from, how the game helps player development, understand what to coach and how to coach it. The course is split into four parts; This is Futsal, NZF Coach Approach, Play the Game, Get involved in Futsal.

The ITFC is suitable for coaches who are brand new to coaching Futsal and are wanting to develop their ability to coach Futsal players and develop their knowledge of Futsal coaching. 

Futsal Level 1 Award (4 Hours)

The Futsal Level 1 award aims to equip coaches with the appropriate level of knowledge and skills that will enable them to encourage, understand and meet the needs of Futsal. The course is split into four parts; Role of a Coach/Coaching Styles, Futsal Techniques, Futsal Formations and Design of Coaching Session. 

The Futsal Level 1 award is suitable for coaches who want to improve their knowledge of fundamental Futsal techniques and tactics and improve their ability to deliver these in a session.

Futsal Level 2 Award (8 Hours)

The Futsal Level 2 award aims to support coaches to plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate training sessions appropriate for Futsal players in the Game Training phase, as well as enabling coaches to have an understanding of providing player feedback in the Game Training phase. The course is split into five parts; Analysis of Futsal, Principles of Training, Group Training Design, Group Game Training Delivery and Player Learning.

The Futsal Level 2 award is suitable for coaches that are coaching, or aspire to coach, in the Talent Development and senior competitive environments.

NZF/OFC ā€˜Cā€™ Futsal License (4 days)

The OFC / NZF Futsal C Licence (Youth / Senior) Coaching Award is for coaches aspiring to work at national league level and beyond. The course focuses on understanding Futsal from a high performance perspective where all elements of player development are finely tuned to produce a high performing environment on and off the court.

Pathway illustrated 

If you want more information about the Futsal Pathway, please send an email to Michael Sannum at Futsal@footballsouth.co.nz