Primary & Intermediate School Futsal Rules 2024

  • 5 players on the court at one
  • Maximum of 8 players in a team.
  • Rolling substitutions
  • Only the Goalkeeper can use their hands in the box (semi circle)
  • When the ball is kicked out of play via the sideline (by team A), the ball must be placed on the line and kicked into play (by team B). The other team must be 2 meters away from the ball.
  • When the ball is kicked out of play via the goal line/end line, the ball must be rolled in by the goalkeeper or a corner taken if the ball is kicked out by the defending team.

Best Practice

  • When the ball is out of play, coaches should encourage players to return the ball into play as fast as possible.  Referees will also help with this.
  • The focus should be on fun and everyone getting involved. No scores are taken for years 1-4  to reinforce this. Fair play, effort and fun should be reinforced by all coaches, parents and players.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Issues with a game? Issues with a coach or parent? 

Feel free to contact Kris - kris@southernfootball.co.nz ​​​​​​​