Federation Skills Centre


Skill Centre Tahuna Park, Dunedin Sept, Oct, Nov 2017


What is the official start & finish time of the Skill Centre programme…?

The sessions start at 4.15 pm.

The sessions will finish at 5.30 pm


Skill Centre session dates…?


Sept 25th, Oct 16th, 23rd, 30th, Nov 6th               (No sessions during school holiday period)


Sept 28th, Oct 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd, 9th                 (No sessions during school holiday period)


What time is ‘Drop Off’/ ‘Pick-up’ on the Skill Centre programme…?

‘Drop Off’ ideally players will be dropped off at Skill Centre sessions 5 – 10mins prior to training start time.

Please refrain from dropping children off any earlier than 10mins prior to the session start time.

‘Pick Up’ Please ensure either yourself or the designated driver picks up your child within 10mins of the session ending.

If for an unavoidable reason you will be late for pick-up please contact the Skill Centre coordinator at the details below.

Please take care while walking across the car park & please drive slowly – Thank You.


What clothing does your child need to bring to Skill Centre training…?

Football kit: shorts, socks, t-shirt, rain jacket and extra layers, tracksuit bottoms and hat and gloves, if required.

Footwear: soccer boots and trainers. Please bring boots to ALL sessions

Please pack some spare clothes/ change of clothes in case of adverse weather conditions.

NO inappropriate clothing i.e. surf shorts, ankle socks, ski jackets etc.


Water bottles & Snacks…?


Please Avoid – giving your child any energy or fizzy drinks, water is sufficient for their hydration needs.

If your child has a long journey home (anything over 30mins) we would advise including a small healthy snack for the journey home i.e. fruit or yoghurt or sandwich etc.


What happens if it rains…?

In the majority of cases when it rains, training sessions will continue as normal. In heavy rain we may cancel training sessions, please be advised this will only happen in heavy rain. We will always endeavour to go ahead with training but in really extreme and torrential rain we may cancel training sessions, if this is the case we will communicate this via email as soon as the decision is made and also post this info to social media.

ALL players should bring rain jackets and spare clothes to ALL training sessions in case of adverse weather conditions.


Skill Centre programme information…?

The Skill Centre programme is co-ordinated and run by Football South FDOs with current Southern Utd players, it’s a skill development programme that is open to all young football players who are keen and eager to develop and progress their skills.


Cost and Registration

Cost for all 10 sessions is $72. If you complete an early bird registration prior to September 20th the cost will be $62.

To register follow the link here

Limited places available book early to avoid disappointment


Your Coordinator for the Skill School in Dunedin is Danny Ledwith

If you have any queries or need further information, please contact Danny

Email: dannyledwith@footballsouth.co.nz Phone: 021 917 424




What is “Skill Centre”?

The Football Skill Centre vision is to create technically proficient and intelligent young players that can meet the demands of FTC football. The FSC focus is solely on establishing and developing key football habits with sessions specifically designed to affect all areas of the player’s development in a positive way. The FSC is focused on players that played 8th grade to 11th grade this season.


  • Individual Development of a player where the outcome is technical improvement
  • Training sessions within the Skill Centre reflects individual skill development with SSGs (4v4) and Skill Practices
  • Accelerate the technical development of our players to compensate for the lack of:
  1. Hours – formal and informal
  2. Playing with and against best players
  • Open entry – but is aimed at the ‘serious footballer’ as the programme requires high level of commitment
  • Gives the opportunity to raise standards of Junior Football

What is it?

  • Individualised development programme for 8 to 11 year old boys and girls to accelerate the skills of the ‘serious’ Kiwi footballer.
  • To assemble highly motivated, committed and skilled players together with highly qualified coaches.
  • Term 4 (summer) programme designed for the ‘future’ football player.

Who it’s for:

  • Players that are serious about the game, can commit to 2 training’s a week, are technically proficient and want to play at higher levels
  • Players with commitment and potential to enter FTC at 12th grade