National Age Group Tournament

National Age Group Tournament 2017


The NAGT squads will be the strongest age grade players in the given age grades from across the Football South Federation including players from Southland, Central Otago, South Canterbury and Otago.

It’s important to note that not all players that trial will be successful in gaining selection to the NAGT squads. Due to the large volume of players trialing the process will be ‘selected’ OR ‘non-selected’.

Please Note: Players not selected will not receive written or verbal feedback. We recommend only attending the trial process if you believe your child is close to the top 18 – 24 players in their age grade across the federation.

We ask parents and coaches to be realistic with expectations, a maximum of 17 players per age group will be selected and travel away to tournament. To confirm not all players that attend trial will be selected, its important all players, parents and clubs are aware of this prior to trials.

The selection process is for the current season, players selected to NAGT in 2016 are not guaranteed selection in 2017 and likewise players not selected in 2017 may be selected in 2018.

Prior to registration please be realistic in relation to your child’s current ability level. If you are unsure of the level please feel free to get in contact with Paul O’Reilly

All players who register to trial should be available to attend tournament (tournament dates Dec 13th – 17th), in addition players will be expected to commit to a pre-tournament training plan and be enthusiastic in relation to learning and developing as a young football player.

Trial 1: All players who register should attend trial 1 for their given age grade.


Trial 2: Identified players will be invited back to attend trial 2.


NAGT Trial 2 Information


All players must register before the deadline – Friday August 4th, 5pm

Any players who do no pre-register by the deadline will be turned away from the trials.


Trial Dates, Times, Venues


NAGT player and parent letter 2017


NAGT 2017 ‘Player Code of Conduct’ 2017


NAGT 2017 ‘Parent Code of Conduct’ 2017


NAGT 2017 Coach Manager Code of Conduct


Registrations are now closed for all age groups except the 16th Grade Girls

Player Registration

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  • Parents Code of Conduct