Jordyn Walker reaches 150 match milestone for Roslyn Wakari

Jordyn Walker has joined an elite group, racking up 150 premier league games for Roslyn Wakari after Saturday’s match against University.

Unfortunately, the day didn’t go quite to script, with a depleted Roslyn side losing 3-2 and Jordyn picking up a nasty Achilles tear – she’s nervously awaiting the results of an ultrasound tomorrow to assess the seriousness of the injury.

That can’t dampen her incredible achievement though, after ten years of starring at the elite club level. The defender first played for the Premier side at the tender age of just 14 and hasn’t looked back.

“150 games – I feel like I’ve made it”, Jordyn said with a laugh.

Jordyn playing for Roslyn Wakari earlier this season

As a youngster, Jordyn fell in love with the game and admired some of the local stars from the sideline, including club legend Kushla Glover, who played an incredible 20 seasons of top level football. It wasn’t long before Jordyn was sharing the field with her idol.

“I’ve loved playing with Kushla, because she was my idol when I was growing up. I was a ball girl for her in National League games and then all of a sudden I got to play in the team alongside her”, Jordyn said.

“Playing with the likes of Kush, Una Madden, and Sam Muirhead has been an absolute blast. I’ve been able to learn from my mentors and now they’re my friends.”

Of course, now the Roslyn Wakari captain stands out as one of the most experienced players in the league, and she has also got involved with coaching youth players as well as being a senior club committee member.

“It’s crazy to think that now I’m one of those mentors for the younger players. Coaching alongside Dan Todd, and helping him out with the young girls coming through the ranks, has just been awesome and allows me to give something back to the club that’s given me so much”.

Asked for a playing highlight, the five consecutive Premier League titles from 2008-2012 stand out.

Jordyn tackling Dunedin Tech’s Mikayla Gray

“When we won it for that fifth year in a row that was amazing. We had a fantastic group of girls. Now Dunedin Tech has done it five years in a row”.

The Walker family are all heavily involved at the Roslyn Wakari club, and Jordyn is fortunate to have had her mum Sheryl, currently the Premier team’s Manager, alongside her.

“Every step of the way, mum has been there in some sort of role. My family has supported me 100% every game, and even every training session. They’ve been there through all the ups and downs and have just been amazing”.

Jordyn’s been a popular part of the club’s fabric over the past decade. “I have to say a huge thank you to the Roslyn Wakari club for all their support over the years, they’re my family as well and my home away from home”.

Jordyn has also starred for a number of seasons at National League level, and was an integral part of the Southern United team last season. Although her injury and other commitments might impact her availability for the upcoming season, Jordyn is as passionate as ever about her football and is still keen to be involved down the track.

“It’s exciting that the national league is finally going to two rounds the following year” – it’s clear that Jordyn is loving her football as much as ever, and it’s fair to expect her to clock up the 200 game milestone for Roslyn in the not too distant future.

Jordyn playing for Southern United in the National Women’s League last season. Photo by Adam Binns

– report by Morgan Jarvis