100 game milestone for Dunedin Tech’s Kelsey Kennard this weekend

Dunedin Technical AFC defender Kelsey Kennard reaches an awesome milestone when her side plays Queenstown on Sunday – it will be her 100th Premier Women’s appearance for the club, the first Tech women to reach the century.Kennard, Kelsey 1F5A5267

Kelsey’s coach Graeme Smaill informed Kelsey of the upcoming milestone. “It had initially been brought up last year. Graeme just mentioned it again to me last week, saying ‘by the way, your 100th game is next week!'”.

While Kelsey is pleased to reach the milestone, it’s the team environment she loves the most. “I just play because I love the sport and love being with my teammates, it’s a really good feeling playing alongside so many girls for a number of years”.

When asked who she had learnt the most from over the years, Kelsey was quick to answer. “Definitely Graeme, he’s coached me all the way back to the U13 Otago side. When I came to Tech when I was about 14, we lost our first game to Roslyn Wakari about 16-0! But we slowly turned it around and won the league a few times in a row. We owe it all to him because he’s the one that brought us all through, over about 10 years ago now!”.

The Southern United defender picks the bus trips to face the tough Mainland opponents as a highlight. “Any away trip up to Christchurch stands out. Definitely going out of town, like the big Knockout Cup matches, that’s when you can really see that it’s like a whole different level of football playing against those sides. We reckon we’re slowly getting to that level!”.

You can catch the milestone match by getting along to Culling Park at 1pm on Sunday to see Kelsey’s Dunedin Tech side take on the visiting Queenstown Rovers.